GCSC24 Science Day Success: Senior Students Inspire Year 6 with Engaging Activities

Recently during GCSC24, our high school students from Years 9 to 12 demonstrated their leadership and scientific expertise by hosting an exciting and educational Science Day for the first group of Year 6 students. The activities were both fun and informative, showcasing a wide range of science concepts.

Our seniors guided the Year 6 students through various hands-on activities, including the STEM Light Up the City Challenge, which tested their engineering skills, and the Can Crusher, which illustrated principles of pressure and force. The Elephant Toothpaste experiment was a crowd favourite, producing impressive chemical reactions, while Chromatography Butterflies combined science and art.

In addition, the younger students explored the properties of materials through an Insulators/Conductors Inquiry and witnessed the magic of reversible changes with the Blue Bottle and Traffic Light demos.

This interactive day not only reinforced scientific concepts but also allowed our junior students to get a taste of high school life, something they will be experiencing for real next year. They were able to engage with their future peers, get a feel for the high school environment, and see firsthand the exciting opportunities that await them.

A huge thank you to our dedicated senior students for making this event a resounding success and inspiring the next generation of scientists!