Cane Toad Relocation with Generation Green

Generation Green has embarked on a new project in 2024. We are working to humanely eliminate cane toad tadpoles from the pond found on the school oval. This project would not be possible without the support of Mrs. Sarah Cates, one of our indispensable Science Officers at Varsity College. 

On mornings that are sunny and clear, Generation Green students help Mrs. Cates carry the necessary equipment to the oval in the morning and then fearless Mrs. Cates puts the trap, using a lure from Watergum, in position. Throughout the day, the tadpoles, foraging for food, swim into the trap. At the end of the school day, the students with Mrs.Cates, collect the trap with, hopefully, many tadpoles. They are counted and then the data is submitted to Watergum. 

So far, we have eliminated more than 800 tadpoles! Thank you to Mr.Hughes for supporting this project, and to Mrs. Cates and our Generation Green students who are making it happen.