Our Academic Pillar Team Join Year 1 Students for Science!

Recently a group of our Academic Pillar students visited our Primary Campus to engage with our Year 1 students in a series of science experiments. 

The activities were centred around the science topics the Year 1 students have been exploring this term, such as photosynthesis. The students conducted the “Colourful Caterpillar” experiment, which demonstrates how colours mix using water and coloured paper towels linking cups. Additionally, we included the “Exploding Colours” experiment, which uses food colouring and dish soap in milk to show dynamic colour shifts, providing a fun and engaging way to understand chemical reactions. 

The students also participated in a “Take Home and Grow” activity with mung beans, which ties into their studies on plant growth and development. This hands-on activity was designed to encourage continuous observation and learning at home, reinforcing lessons on plant biology. Looking ahead to next term’s physics curriculum, we introduced the concept of forces with a friendly game of tug-of-war. This activity served as a practical demonstration of how forces work in a fun and memorable way.

Our Academic Pillar students demonstrated excellent leadership and teaching skills, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable for the younger students.