Chocolate Factory Musical Cast Announced!

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the lead cast for our latest College musical! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will open on Friday the 13th of May at the Home of the Arts, tickets are on sale soon!

Episode 2 of The Golden Ticket takes you behind the scenes of our musical cast announcements. Watch the raw emotions as our cast learn if they made it through auditions, to snag a lead role in this years production!

Mia Francis | Mrs Gloop
Ethan Chilton | Augustus Gloop
Leila Hajilou | Mr Beauregarde
Zia Kao | Violet Beauregarde
Ryan Li | Mr Salt
Jasmine Pikunic | Veruca Salt
Ginger Baldwin | Mrs Teavee
Xavier Cooper | Mike Teavee
Aimie Shields | Grandpa George
Kayla Frew | Grandma Georgina
Alex Connor | Grandma Josephine
Nicholas Dearlove | Mr Bucket
Lina McCoy | Mrs Bucket
Piper Clemence | Grandpa Joe
Leah Erskine | Charlie Bucket
Blake Atkins | Willy Wonka

Our lead cast will be supported by over 150 ensemble cast, musicians and backstage crew! Stay up-to-date with all things Charlie by clicking here, and make sure to check Varsity Life each Tuesday for the latest episode of The Golden Ticket.