2021 AMS Catapult Challenge

On Tuesday this week, Year 8 AMS students participated in the 2021 Varsity College AMS Catapult Challenge. Students were tasked with building a catapult from craft supplies to be able to compete in two different challenges: Longest range and most accurate. 

Students began the day researching catapult designs and the transformations of energy that occur during the loading and releasing of catapults. This tied in with their study of energy and forces in term 1 science this year. The students were then allowed to approach the ‘shop’ to buy their materials, as there were bonus points awarded for the cheapest designs. 

After conducting trials and modifying their catapults, students then competed in two challenges. The first was simply the competition for longest range. Students were given two shots to see how far they could get their projectile to go. This challenge was won by Will, Taj and Jeremy. 

The second challenge was for the most accurate. Targets were placed on the floor, and students had 5 minutes to try to devise a strategy for launching their catapult accurately to hit the target. Points were awarded based on how close the projectile landed to the target. The most accurate catapult was built by Angelina, Daaine and Leni.  

The overall winners were judged according to their performance in the challenges, the cost, elegance and innovativeness of their design, and on how well the team worked together through the day. The team that won overall was The Triangles. Well done to Brandt, Sophie, Lily and Ben!