Clean Up Australia Day

Varsity College students on both campuses came together to participate in Clean up Australia Day this week. Imagine how amazing our school looks now after all classes and students took practical action to improve the environment and collected rubbish around our school.

Clean up Australia has been running for over 30 years now, led by Ian Kiernan, AO, who had a simple idea to make a difference in his own backyard and now this event has become the nation’s largest community-based environmental event held in Australia. Varsity College is proud to prioritise this event in our yearly calendar so that our students appreciate the commitment we all need to make to keep our school beautiful and care for our surroundings.

Our wonderful Generation Green students and teachers led the rubbish collection on both campuses, whilst every class stepped up and did their bit to enthusiastically clean all over the school and nearby areas. The Primary Campuses Generation Green students conducted a rubbish audit of all the collected rubbish to gather specific data of the types of waste within the school and to determine the most effective ways of waste management. There was recorded an estimate of 800-900 soft plastics, 400-500 foil products, 92 straws, 84 wooden objects, not to mention items such as 22 metals, 74 compostable materials, 19 bottle lids, 367 hard plastics, 47 paper/cardboard and thankfully only 5 glass items. 

A huge thank you to our students for their participation and their pledges to do something to step up to combating littering and rubbish waste in our school.