Year 8 AMS Forensics Day

Imagine you’re a detective, who is solving a mystery with nothing but forensic tools. This is what the students at AMS aspire did on the AMS forensics day, the students used a wide range of different scientific tools and devices to find the clues left behind form the mysterious criminal, these tools ranged from microscopes to magnets to see the fingerprints left behind. All of this to find out ‘whodunnit’.

Anar Khurelbaatar

Students were tasked with certain tests designed to decipher who the painfully-obvious perpetrator was and collect enough evidence to put this “mysterious” person behind bars.

They conducted tests such as finger print analysis in which they took the fingerprints off a water bottle left by the perpetrator and cross-referenced them to the 10 suspects. In addition, they discovered a footprint that allowed them to calculate height of the assailant.

Along with these clues, the perpetrator left some DNA evidence in the form of hair and blood which they ran through multiple tests, revealing their blood type (A+) as well as their specific DNA signature and hair colour. Making use of all these clues, the students ruled out 9 of the 10 suspects, leaving only 1: Melanie Mink, AKA our very own Miss Elliot.

Overall, the day was one to remember for the students of the Year 8 AMS program, and gave them an insight into how forensic scientists utilise methods such as these to build up evidence against offenders of the law.

Dexter Ross and Taj Poidevin

One highlight of the day was watching the murder mystery of Kristine Fitzhugh, as the students had the opportunity to discover what forensic techniques and logical reasoning were used to draw conclusions in unsolved murder mystery cases.  

Arisa Furutani

Congratulations to the winning team: Livia, Irene, Abby, and Arisa!