Primary Campus Sports Carnivals

This week our junior primary students ran, jumped, hopped, twirled, crawled, and threw their way into the VC record books!

Preps, Year 2 and Year 3 students participated beautifully in their annual sports carnival in events such as an obstacle course, high jump, and the show stopping sprint race.

Students, staff and the crowd supported our athletes, cheering and encouraging through tough competition, including more than a few tight photo finishes.

Year 4 – 6 and the washed out Year 1 competitions followed suit with students striving for athletic greatness and coming up trumps!

A huge congratulations to all competitors for their incredible sportsmanship.

Massive thanks must also go to the HPE crew for planning and executing the incredible days, Nick and Gary for providing the muscle behind the set up and of course, MC, Mr Dallas for warming up the crowd and entertaining the masses.