STEM is Blooming in P-6

Varsity College P-6 campus places a high priority on developing skills and knowledge in the combined subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics commonly referred to as STEM. Throughout term 1 our specialist teacher, Sharon Ricardo, has taken regular STEM classes to focus specifically on this curriculum, helping children understand the properties of materials and how they may be best manipulated to solve problems connected to the real world. Students have investigated such fascinating topics as paper aeroplane construction and wind-powered cars. In the context of the traditional Three Little Pigs fairy tale, Year 1 students have been using materials such as plasticine, toothpicks, paper and cardboard to create a strong, stable shelter that was then put to the test under pressure from a hair-dryer with the face of a huffing, puffing ‘big, bad wolf’.

We can happily report that neither pigs nor wolves were harmed in the making of this experiment and that students had heaps of fun working collaboratively to solve the challenge.